Returning from Thailand amidst Covid-19

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Wow! So much has happened since a week ago when I was getting ready to set off on my glorious girls trip to Thailand. There was a bit of buzz about “Coronavirus” when we left, but at that stage we thought it was no worse than the “flu”. Still, we made sure we wiped down our seats on the airplane, washed hands and used sanitiser diligently and went about our days drinking cocktails, swimming, getting massages and eating delicious Thai food.

But each day we were there, things kept taking a turn for the worse. Fatalities were rising, the virus was spreading, Italy got shut down. We started to worry that we might not get back into the country! Although the idea of being stuck in paradise, continuing to get daily massages and sipping cocktails on the beach wasn’t the worst thing in the world, we had 10 women with young kids and grandkids back home, and we were all fretting to get home to our babies. Flights home were getting cancelled, borders were closing and we just wanted to get on that plane to make it home in time.

Our flight left on time and the plane was only half full, so all 10 of us scored a row each! We were stoked! Until we heard a young boy coughing…the whole way! His sister also started vomiting. I was fortunate I moved seats away from them before it all kicked off and left my sister to deal with it!

When we arrived to the Gold Coast Airport we were told to remain on the plane for health checks. We were soon dismissed without any checks, however people that were suspected of Coronavirus were taken for testing. From what we could tell, the young boy and a baby were tested and the Dad of the boy told us he had been tested already (assuming on the way over) and was negative. Phew! I felt terrible for the looks and fearful energy this poor kid would’ve received all flight over his run-of-the-mill cold.

On arrival into Australia we got word that Australia was implementing a mandatory 14-day self-isolation period for flights arriving after midnight. We made it by only hours. Even though technically and legally we were allowed to roam free in society, I felt a lot of pressure and a sense of alienation towards me and have been laying low at home all week, just to be sure that I don’t develop any symptoms.

Here is a rundown of some of the rejection I’ve faced this week-

  • Neighbours sent my son home with the souvenirs I bought them telling him that his Mum can’t be seen cause she might have Coronavirus. Great! 😔
  • My gym called me and asked me to stay away for the two weeks as some people were concerned. Fabulous! 😒
  • My carpel tunnel operation now has to be pushed back. Perfect! 😣
  • Multiple schools and teachers have called and asked me to work. I tell them that I have just been on holiday overseas, they then need to “check” with the boss, then crickets. Awesome! 😫

Never has a holiday impacted my life so much just by coming home! But, I am not going to complain, as I have my health, and in 9 more days I am hoping to be welcomed back into society again with open arms, as long as I remain 1.5 meters away and everyone has washed their hands! Ha ha!

Usually when you return from a holiday you are bragging about all the wonderful things you did. This time, I’m nervous to tell people and feel like our holiday should be kept our dirty little secret.

But was it worth it? Absolutely! 🍹☀️🏖💃🏼💆🏼

In these tumultuous times, it’s difficult to know what is going to happen in the near or distant future. Will schools close or won’t they? I know there is a divide here as classroom teachers don’t want the risk of keeping schools open and supply teachers won’t survive very long with no income if they close. There is also the issue of at risk students losing their one safe place, school. It’s tough times for everyone.

In the case that schools do close, I have been working on a “TFAD Teaching from Home Edition” to help parents through this time. I am wanting to include lots of practical activities and suggestions but would love your input too. I’m thinking all those things that are important but often get put aside by parents (how to tie shoe laces, age appropriate chores and self-help skills, learning addresses and phone numbers along with phone etiquette and general manners… 😬) as well as academic activities that will need little to no resources to implement.

If you have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them so I can add it to the list and hopefully together we can help parents survive the (potentially) long days ahead AND help teachers out in the long run. If you have any ideas, email me at [email protected] and let me know!

Wishing you all good health for the road ahead.

Happy hand washing and social distancing!

Kelly 🙂

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