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What to do when the teacher leaves you a crappy lesson to teach?

So, the teacher has left you a snooze-worthy lesson to teach that you know is going to bomb. What’s a supply teacher to do? This is an all too familiar issue for casual teachers and it can be a tricky one to navigate. As the fill-in, you want to do what is asked of...

Behaviour Management Strategies for the Challenging Students

90%+ of your class will be your usual, well-behaved children that will respond well to normal behaviour management strategies. It is that other 10 % that might challenge you a little more. Here are some tips to help deescalate and survive the day with a tough class or...

4 Behaviour Strategies for Supply Teaching Survival

Behaviour is complex. You never really know why someone behaves the way they do and it is a particularly tricky thing to gauge when you are a Supply Teacher. You walk into a class and the only thing you know are the names on the roll. You don’t even know who those...

Time to spare? Use these fun time-fillers

1-2 minutes to spare Guess 1 minute Get students to put their head down on the desk and raise it when 1 minute is up. The closest to the 60sec mark wins. Play it again if time permits and discuss why they didn’t guess correctly. 3 minutes to spare Magic Piece of paper...

Are you nervous when it comes to teaching younger students?

These 7 tips will give you the confidence to engage students from Kindergarten to Grade 3. 1. Pretend like you’re on Sesame Street. Be enthusiastic, about EVERYTHING. Be childish, be silly, be fun, but be serious when you need to be. The perks of Supply is that you...

Do you lack confidence when teaching older students?

These 7 tips will give you the reassurance you need to conquer those pre-teen students. 1. Be prepared. If you aren’t prepared from the start you might lose them. The younger students are a little easier to bluff; these big kids know that you’re fresh meat so they...