Fantastic! Best resource I own!
Gives me a starting point when nothing is left behind and has given me the confidence to try new and different activities and lessons that are in the book.
Already have recommended it to other teachers.

Nathaniel , New graduate

Honestly it’s a fantastic resource. I’ve actually spent over hundreds on getting resources ready and other pre-made ones, and this is the only one that I can actually rely on, it’s permanently in my schoolbag. Honestly you’re a lifesaver and a legend!


I have a copy of this for my classroom. I leave it with my CRT folder incase the person covering me needs some ideas. I love it. It is full of great ideas for a range of kids and length of time. So good! Thanks so much for creating a fantastic resource.


I feel more confident knowing it’s there so I believe it was a good investment. All subject areas are covered. I like that most activities are little to no preparation and it’s not so full of activities that it is overwhelming.




As soon as I saw the sample pages I had to have it! I used to spend a fortune photocopying worksheets to take each day. Now I don’t have to. I don’t know how I managed before buying this fantastic resource! There are so many ideas for all stages and the students are engaged. I would absolutely recommend it to others!

I have more confidence in having a back up if my day gets totally changed last minute.I love the ease of navigation, especially the colour coding.I would recommend this book for the fantastic ideas you can not only use as a Casual but as a Full Time Teacher, that are rich and engaging.


It has earned back its money as I have used it every relief day this year. It has saved me in times of need during music lessons, fitness and general activities.
I found I don’t need to pack as many resources as they are bound together all in one place. My favourite feature is the reflection plan. The examples remind me to find a positive in every day. I also stamp the PAID section once I have received my pay.It helps me keep track and reflect on my teaching. I would definitely recommend the book for relief teachers as a necessity in your bag of tricks.


I needed some ideas for a drama/music activities which I grabbed straight from the book.
I love that it’s convenient to carry just one resource. It’s a nice book to read – colourful, bright and simple to follow. I’d absolutely recommend it to others.

Emily Chambers pic


This book is easy to read and has fantastic lessons… best of all no prep!!!
I love the endless amount of ideas and resources. It is very well organised, very easy to read, bright and colourful! I recommend it to others!

EC, Primary and University Teacher

That I felt more prepared doing supply work. It comes with great activities, fast finisher ideas and behaviour management suggestions. If ever there is no supply work left by the class teacher, I feel prepared having this book at my fingertips.
Thank you for providing such a great, accessible and comprehensive resource for Supply Teachers!


I found I am less stressed if I end up in a school where a plan isn’t left. I love how the book is split into sections and it is easy to find the subject area you want. It saves planning time, has all you need in one book and I like that it is created by another CRT.


I find students are engaged in the activities. It is easy to read and I like that it is separated by upper and lower primary. I would recommend this book as it takes the stress out of CRT work! You will always have work ready to go with little to no prep.


It is easy to document where you have worked, professional development classes you have attended and money you have spent on resources.


I am new to teaching and wanted to be as prepared as I could be.
I’ve found it has great resource ideas as well as tips. I have to say I love the room to add my own notes!

AJ , New Teacher

This book is easy to read and has fantastic lessons… best of all no prep!!!
I love the endless amount of ideas and resources. It is very well organised, very easy to read, bright and colourful! I recommend it to others!

Cara Hempenstall

Cara Hempenstall , Teacher and teacher aide


It made it a lot easier going into classes where there was no work left, also when you have some time to kill it is great to pull up a short activity.
It is easy to use,  there is a huge variety of different activities catered for different learning styles and the activities are ones the students actually enjoy.


Felt much more confident going into a new classroom.  I love everything about this book. It takes the stress away and is clear to understand.
It is an awesome resource.

Heather ,  New Teacher

I have activities at my fingertips and I don’t have to stress about not having any/many resources

Just wanted to say again what a fantastic resource your books are. I use them daily and would be lost without them.