Still on the Fence? Is Teacher for a Day really worth the money?

So you are wondering whether the book will be worth the dough or not? To put it simply. Yes! But of course I’m going to say that. So let’s crunch some numbers and see if it gets you off the fence.

  • Relief resource books such as Welcome Relief cost $30 each and they only tailor to ONE grade.
    7 grades x $30 = $210
  • A Relief Teacher’s diary and organiser
  • Behaviour Management Resource Book
    $30 +That just there totals at $255.Add to that the mountain of photocopying required to even implement the lessons in the books.                    30 students x 5c/sheet= $1.50 x 3 lessons/day =$4.50/day  x 100 days = $450/yearSo your new total is sitting at over $700!!!

If that sounds a bit rich, you could always grab the “bargain bundles” specifically for Relief Teachers like this one but it will set you back over $360 if you get it on sale AND you will still need to photocopy sheets to do the lessons. Boooo!!!

I too hate shelling out money unnecessarily, to the point that in Grade 6 I didn’t spend any of my ‘fake’ reward money at our end of year auction. And I was a goody-two-shoes so I was loaded. So I went home empty handed while my friends won handballs, smelly rubbers and books! Loser, I know!

I truly believe that TFAD is a fabulous resource that will save you time AND money. I did it the tight ass way by buying lots of random resources when they were on sale, just so that I would have something to fall back on if needed. You can see in the picture all that I bought and it cost me a packet in the end and most of it went unused!

But in one, concise book you can get-

  • Lessons for all Primary levels in Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Drama, Music, P.E./Outdoor games and Indoor games
  • All activities need NO photocopying and little to NO resources (so no extra $$)
  • Fast Finisher and Time-fillers
  • Activities broken up into Upper and Lower Primary within each subject
  • Behaviour Management and Employment Tips
  • Reflective Diary
  • Daily Plan suggestions and Template (which has been invaluable for some customers)
  • School Year Calendar to record bookings
  • Recommended websites and books
  • Expenses and Professional Development Record sheets
  • Relief Teacher Form and more!

The only other things I now take to work are a hat, whistle, pen and picture book, which is a big change from when I first started out.

So, you can grab a copy of Teacher for a Day at the following prices-
eBook for $25 (or choose the Bronze Star option with bonus Activity eBook for $29)
Hardcopy for $65 (or choose the Silver Star option with bonus Activity eBook for $68)
Hardcopy + eBook for $75 (or choose the Gold Star option with bonus Activity eBook for $77)

For less than an hour’s pay, it is definitely worth the investment. But don’t just take my word for it. Here is just a few of the many positive reviews the book is receiving.

What customers are saying-
I definitely think all new casual and relief teachers need to have this book with them everyday.” Rebecca Pile

It has earned back its money as I have used it every supply day this year. I would definitely recommend the book for relief teachers as a necessity in your bag of tricks. For a new teacher it is like having a supportive teacher in the classroom with you.” Ceri Edwards

I can’t get over the beautiful layout and designs. It’s simple and easy to read and find what I’m looking for.” Meghan Lynch

“It’s compiled by an experienced teacher who has road-tested all ideas. It’s neatly divided into sections. It’s not too onerous to read – concise.” Catherine Dowlan

“I found this book easy to use and navigate, cutting down on time wasting through the day.” Kate De Illius

“Easy to document where you have worked, professional development, classes you have attended and money you have spent on resources. It’s a one stop shop for all things teachers.” Emily Chambers

I love spreading the word about your book! Love it all. I also think it’s great that a book has behaviour management strategies. I love the entire resource.. my confidence is increasing.” Caitlyn Marsham

“Thank you for providing such a great resource for those just starting out on their relief teaching journey.” Judy Culgan

Head over to to get your copy now!



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