Need money over the school holidays? Here are some tips for teachers who DON’T get paid over the break

Now that school holidays are upon us, money can get a little tight. Here are some suggestions to make a little extra dough to help make ends meet.

1. Vacation care and holiday camps. These are becoming more and more popular since families can’t afford to take such a long period off to look after their kids. Teachers are the perfect candidates since you are more than qualified to look after them in this setting. Plus it can be a welcome change to just enjoy hanging out with kids without the pressures of testing and outcomes.

2. Childcare centre. Use your skills and approach your local kindergartens to do some hours over the holidays. Often the employees want a break but can’t due to being understaffed. You can relieve them and get the holiday income you need.

3. Babysitting. A relatively easy way to make some casual cash. Many parents (myself included) would love to ditch their kids to someone. Why not you? Start by offering to people you know but if your social circles are childless, then check out some online companies to help you get started.

4. Private tutoring. Most parents have received test results and report cards and may be freaking out at how poorly their child seems to be doing. Capitalise on this by offering tutoring over the holidays.

5. Teachers Pay Teachers. Pull out all your resources, jazz them up in a powerpoint document (watch some youTube vids on how TpT sellers create their resources) and start making some cash! It’s really simple, something you can easily do on the holidays even if you are stuck at home with kids AND some teachers are making $50 000+ per year doing it. Get on it!

5. Go back to your previous employer and see if they need a hand over the break. You know the job so can fit in easily and if you’re lucky they may need some casual help. Don’t feel too proud to return, as you know it is only for a short period of time.

6. Try Uber. Uber is the hot new thing and if it is in your town or city, why not give it a go? You pick and choose your own hours so like Supply Teaching, you’ll still feel like your own boss. If you have an older car, don’t stress, you could give Uber Eats a go instead. 

7. Freelance. Technology has opened up a world of opportunities and people will pay good money for your expertise. Perhaps you are a grammar nazi that could be hired for proofreading and editing, or you dabble in photography in your spare time and could help others out with Photoshop. Get on Upwork or Fiverr and sell your skills. You don’t have to be an expert and you could end up make a pretty penny on the side to subsidise those slow weeks of teaching.

8. Sell your stuff.  Sort through your garage, your shed and your cupboards. No doubt you will have something hoarded away, not getting used, that someone else will be willing to pay for. That food processor you never use. That dusty surfboard still waiting for the “perfect” conditions. That expensive outfit that you didn’t end up wearing to the wedding. Sell it all on Gumtree, Ebay or one of those many Facebook Garage sale groups going around. You will sleep a little easier knowing that not only have you helped contribute to the finances, but the feeling of decluttering can be oh, so cleansing!

9. Win the lotto. Ok, I know you can’t control this one, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it?!

Remember to take off some time for yourself. There is a reason that teachers get so many breaks, they DESERVE them! So if cash is tight, give some of these ideas a go, but be sure to give yourself some downtime too!

Happy holidays!


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