Why I Don’t Want to be a Full-Time Teacher

I’ve seen a lot of posts about teachers setting up new classrooms and showing off their creative flair and dedication to their profession. This time of year is a hard time for those teachers wanting their own class, especially new graduates keen to get their career started. When Supply work is slow to start it can all be a little disheartening, but I’m here to tell you not to worry. Let’s look at the situation in a glass half full kind of way.

Money- Now some of these teachers, especially new teachers, have spent hundreds, some nearing thousands of dollars on their classroom set up and resources. I know, because I did exactly the same my first year of having my own class. When you are doing Supply, you might spend a bit over $100 on getting some Supply resources, reading books and some basic stationary, but it will be nothing compared to the cost of having your own classroom. Trust me!

Time- With all these amazing classrooms I have seen, all I can think is how many hours of laminating they have endured! All the lesson planning and prepping takes so many days, nights, weekends and holidays while Supply Teachers can enjoy ALL of their leisure time to themselves. Another win for us!

Freedom- As a Supply Teacher you are your own boss. If it is the perfect beach day, there is no need to chuck a sickie. Want to take a holiday out of peak school holiday time, there is no one to tell you you can’t. You dictate when you can and can’t work and that is always going to work in your favour.

Experience- Supply work gives you the perfect experience to master your teaching skills. You will get very challenging students testing your limits but it will be these students who will help you nail your behaviour management strategies. Teaching in various grades or subjects out of your comfort zone can be daunting, but the more you do it, the more confident you feel and you may realise you do like teaching in that area after all! There are last minute changes all the time in the classroom and I like to think of Supply Teaching as the ‘Art of Thinking on your Feet’. This is the perfect skill to take advantage of those precious ‘teachable moments’. The more variety and experience you gain while supply teaching the more confident and competent teacher you will become. Guaranteed!

Ideas- The plethora of ideas you will come across as you enter different schools and classrooms each day will help shape the way you run your future class. Behaviour Strategies that kids actually comply with, Literacy groups that function on their own, streamed Maths lessons that engage all students, Science displays or reading nooks that knock your socks off. There are some amazing teachers out there doing amazing things so take note of the ones you love because you will forget them.

So don’t be too upset that you haven’t landed your dream job yet. With hard work and dedication you will get there. In the meantime, enjoy the freedom you have, have fun with the kids you teach and you might even learn to love Supply Teaching as much as I do.


And that’s a wrap! Reflections and resolutions.

As 2017 draws to a close I am reflecting on the year that was.

This year has been MASSIVE for me. In 2016, when I had a nearly 2 ½ year old and 4 month old, I got this grand idea to create a resource to ease the stress of relief teachers and give them more confidence going into the many unknowns of the role.

I would mostly write and research at night, as two kids don’t allow me to sit on the computer for more than 4 ½ minutes at a time! With little more than a Word Document, I contacted local universities around Australia to get people to trial it. My only luck came when a friend whilst at university, shared a Facebook post with her Education peers and I then had a dozen people willing to check it out. With one positive review- “The book is extremely beneficial, easy to read and straightforward. You should be extremely proud of your work, the book will be a huge success!”,  I went full steam ahead with my book. I found an amazing designer that turned my work into what it is today.

I started selling my first book- “Primary School Edition” at the end of January 2017 and I was shocked when people actually started buying it. It was such a rush (and still is!). The feedback I received was amazing with people calling the book their “bible” and saying, “Your book is a lifesaver!” It makes all the late nights and hard work worth it!

It is also all these beautiful comments that have helped me get past the few bouts of negativity from online trolls that I have received throughout the year. When I spoke openly about how this negativity can affect a person, you were all there to have my back! And while one negative comment manages to stick more than 100 positives, it is so nice to know there are so many TFAD fans out there appreciating the hard work, effort and great content rather than grammatical errors or focusing on something they don’t like in the book.

When I started out, I had no idea what I was doing or where I would go with it. But guided by you all, I then wrote a High School Edition and then an Early Childhood Edition, at your request. Along the way I have also written “Behaviour Management for Supply Teaching Success”, a  “Celebrations Activity” ebook, a “Teacher Planner” and numerous activities and ebooks along the way.

It has been a mammoth year, and I am so grateful that so many of you have joined me along the way to share in this journey. I am looking forward to 2018 and can’t wait to see what it brings!

Here are five things I have learnt in 2017 and tips to achieve them-

  • You will NEVER please everyone, so as long as you stay true to yourself and you can’t go wrong.
    • Write a journal or notes of all the POSITIVE things that happen in your day or week and the things you are grateful for. 
  • Don’t take things too personally. People might be having a bad day, year or they may just be unpleasant people out to cut you down no matter what. Surround yourself with the people that lift you up and forget the rest.
    • Call an old friend.
    • Spend some time with the funniest person you know.
    • Do something you love with a loved one.
    • Find an old friend you’ve lost touch with and reach out on social media to tell them something positive that you remember about them.

  • You can do anything you put your mind to. If someone told me a year ago that I would have written and accomplished what I have in 2017, I wouldn’t have believed them. I’m no one special. Just your average mum and relief teacher trying to help other teachers and attempting to create a more financially secure future for my family. If you have an idea or a dream, just go for it. You never know, it may lead you on an amazing journey like mine. What’s the worst that could happen?
    • Write down some goals that you would like to achieve and set a plan for how you will achieve them.
    • Keep a notepad with ideas you come up with.
    • Assess what it is you spend most of your time doing, this may be your niche. Find a problem in this niche that you could solve and work towards a way you can fix it.
    • Read books about things you are passionate about and areas you need to work on both professionally and personally. 
  • Nothing will happen if you don’t make changes. You need to put yourself out there. I know it is scary, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Every time I release something new, I stress and worry what people will think. But, you will never know if you don’t give it a go so don’t let fear stop you from achieving great things.
    • Write down at least 5 new things you want to try or change in 2018.
    • Set yourself little challenges to build up your confidence in areas you are lacking..
    • Be more decisive. Nothing happens when you are sitting on the fence so get good at making decisions.
  • Turn off your TV and devices and amazing things may happen. My year has been so productive since not spending my evenings watching television. Although I probably use “work” as an excuse to use my phone much more than needed, I have still managed to read more books than ever before as well as write and create more than ever. Do yourself one favour this year and ditch the devices and TV, or at least aim for less than usual.
    • Take baby steps by cutting down your TV and phone time in the evenings.
    • Delete time-wasting apps. If you are forced to go to a site manually you’ll be surprised how little you will choose to access it.
    • Make a conscious effort to be more “present” in your daily life.
    • Don’t kid yourself that you can be on your phone and talk to someone at the same time. Stop. Listen. Connect.
    • Read books, play games, talk, eat, drink, cook, get outdoors, camp, exercise, create, write, learn, teach, volunteer…so many useful and wonderful things to do with your time on this Earth. We only get one chance, so make your time count!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and all the best for a safe, peaceful and successful New Year. Set your intentions for the year, make goals then smash them!

Here’s to a prosperous 2018!



Charity Christmas Party for People Who Don’t Get Christmas Parties

So I may appear to be a bit of a brat, throwing myself a party since no one else will, but I figured there are probably lots of others out there, like me, who bust their butt working hard for themselves, their family or for someone else, only to receive little or no appreciation at the end of the year. I decided to fix this by throwing a party especially for us! This party is for the stay-at-home mums and dad, the entreprenuers and solo business people, it’s for the casual workers, like relief teachers (me!) or for people with tight ass bosses that don’t put anything on. This party is for ANYONE who feels underappreciated at times (don’t we all!) and wants an excuse to celebrate.

Whether 2017 was a killer year or whether it nearly killed you (metaphorically speaking), then we need to eat, drink and be merry to celebrate and commiserate all the wins and pitfalls we have faced over the past year. It is these ups and downs that make for this glorious life we are fortunate to live.

The setting will be on the deck and backyard of Neighbourhood Espresso in Currumbin Waters. The owner, Cleo, is an old friend of mine who is kindly opening up her beautiful establishment out of hours to cater for our Christmas bash. If you haven’t been to or heard of Neighbourhood, go check it out. It is my regular haunt when I am catching up with friends, especially with kids, as they have an awesome little caravan, toys and plenty of room to run around. Plus the food, coffee and service are AMAZING! Cleo assures me there will be PLENTY of food catered by her team, including sliders, salads, wraps and some hot food platters. The venue is unlicensed meaning it is BYO alcohol (bonus!) but they will be serving all their usual coffee, tea and cold drinks on the day. Check out Neighbourhood on Facebook and Instagram so you can see how awesome it is going to be there!
I have also been collaborating with lots of other local businesses as I wanted to help promote other upcoming (and established) businesses to help them get an extra kick start. After this whirlwind of a year starting my own business, I know how hard it can be to get your name out there so I thought this would be a great opportunity to help spread the word of some amazing people out there having a go, doing something they love.
Among some of the donated prizes are:

  • Corpmentis have very generously donated $2500 worth of marketing vouchers including “Business Card and Logo Design”, “Google Adwords Setup” and “Facebook Campaign Design and Setup” that you can win on the day. Perfect for any new businesses starting out or established businesses looking for fresh ideas.
  • Wildlings Photography is giving away a Family Portrait and Print credit valued at $300. I was lucky enough to have Camilla shoot my maternity and newborn pics and she is just AMAZING! Be sure to check out her work here.
  • The awesome guys at Woody’s Surf Shack have donated a $50 bar tab. Perfect to help celebrate the silly season.
  • Kelly Elle Salon will take care of your hair and beauty treatments with a generous $100 voucher!
  • Boheme Collection is kindly donating one of their beautifully handmade pieces valued at $40. The perfect piece to bring some creative beauty to your home. Check out more of their work on Instagram @bohemecollection.
  • The lovely ladies at Malfoy & Rose Candles have kindly gifted one of their handmade, 600g Caramel Vanilla candles worth $30. I’ve smelt this one and it is delicious! You can also find them on Insta @malfoyandrose
  • Fat Rabbit is an awesome children’s book series that was written by an inspirational local man, Wayne Patterson. He is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease and wrote the books for his grandchildren that he is hoping to meet. Proceeds to his books go to raising funds for the research of MND, so not only are you getting entertaining and educational books for your littlies, you are also making a difference when you buy from Fat Rabbit. I loved them SO much that I featured them in my latest book “Teacher for a Day- Early Childhood Edition“.  They have kindly donated “The Fat Rabbit Collection” valued at $110!
  • Olsen Avene Community Children’s Centre also loves supporting community projects and generously donated over $200 worth of children’s books. Great gifts for Christmas or for yourself, because as I always say, much to my husband’s dismay “We can’t ever have enough books, right?”
  • Haven Lifestyle is a new kid on the block but set to take storm in the online space. With amazing homewares at reasonable prices, we are lucky enough to have them gifting us some goodies for a great cause. If you are lucky, you could win a gorgeous homewares pack + $20 gift voucher valued at $120.
  • Tropic Abode is another up and coming local business selling candles and homewares. They have kindly donated one of their delicious Soy Candles for you all to win.
  • The Source Bulk Foods will be gifting a hamper full of waste-free goodies, from chocolates to granolas to pamper jars to double insulated water bottle/thermos etc PLUS a discounted voucher for a one-on-one nutrition shopping tour.
  • Symbolik in Miami is giving away a massage voucher worth $70. Polly does Aromatherapy Massage and Sound Healings. The frequencies of the planetary spheres are placed on the meridians of the body specifically for individual healings. A sound bath with quartz crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls complete the treatment. I’ve been lucky enough to have this treatment and it is DIVINE!
  • Vintage Lamps and Unique Shades will be donating 3 decorative hoops which are a beautiful feature on any wall. Lashay sources one off, vintage fabrics from all over ensuring her pieces are unique and always a statement piece.
  • Amy Louise Cash is making waves in the Self Love space. She runs amazing workshops to promote well being and self-love and has generously donated a one-off coaching session for one lucky winner valued at $175. Her love of life is infectious and I am stoked to have her on board.
  • The creative folk at These Walls have kindly donated one of their gorgeous cushion covers valued at $95. https://thesewalls.com.au. All their work is designed, printed and sewn locally and their unique designs are a sure talking point for any household.
  • The Garage is an all-new vehicle maintenance concept that has recently opened up in Miami. They pride themselves on high-quality service and offer a kid’s  area and a separate quiet customer lounge with fresh coffee while you wait for your service. They are offering a $200 voucher towards a service which can get you a minor service or some tyres. This place looks schmick and with somewhere kids can go? Genius!
  • Teacher for a Day will be donating a book of choice from the range PLUS there will be big specials on my books (which I never do!)  to celebrate launching my newest book, TFAD Early Childhood Edition.
    + more donations to come!

These goodies will be raffled off to raise money for The Smith Family Christmas Appeal, helping young Australian families have a brighter Christmas this year. I plan to run the raffle so you can choose which prize you would like your tickets to go in for, so you have a better chance of winning prizes that you will love (although personally, I would love them all!).

Let’s get together, support local businesses and connect with other locals to have a fun afternoon out. Bring your partner, your friend, your mum or your grandpa. Bring anyone who deserves some time out to celebrate another fabulous year of being alive! Let’s eat, drink and be merry! Make sure you grab your tickets here before they sell out as the venue has a limit on numbers.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Need money over the school holidays? Here are some tips for teachers who DON’T get paid over the break

Now that school holidays are upon us, money can get a little tight. Here are some suggestions to make a little extra dough to help make ends meet.

1. Vacation care and holiday camps. These are becoming more and more popular since families can’t afford to take such a long period off to look after their kids. Teachers are the perfect candidates since you are more than qualified to look after them in this setting. Plus it can be a welcome change to just enjoy hanging out with kids without the pressures of testing and outcomes.

2. Childcare centre. Use your skills and approach your local kindergartens to do some hours over the holidays. Often the employees want a break but can’t due to being understaffed. You can relieve them and get the holiday income you need.

3. Babysitting. A relatively easy way to make some casual cash. Many parents (myself included) would love to ditch their kids to someone. Why not you? Start by offering to people you know but if your social circles are childless, then check out some online companies to help you get started.

4. Private tutoring. Most parents have received test results and report cards and may be freaking out at how poorly their child seems to be doing. Capitalise on this by offering tutoring over the holidays.

5. Teachers Pay Teachers. Pull out all your resources, jazz them up in a powerpoint document (watch some youTube vids on how TpT sellers create their resources) and start making some cash! It’s really simple, something you can easily do on the holidays even if you are stuck at home with kids AND some teachers are making $50 000+ per year doing it. Get on it!

6. Go back to your previous employer and see if they need a hand over the break. You know the job so can fit in easily and if you’re lucky they may need some casual help. Don’t feel too proud to return, as you know it is only for a short period of time.

7. Try Uber. Uber is the hot new thing and if it is in your town or city, why not give it a go? You pick and choose your own hours so like Supply Teaching, you’ll still feel like your own boss. If you have an older car, don’t stress, you could give Uber Eats a go instead. 

8. Code Camp. These new holiday camps are all the rage. They are often looking for people with Teaching qualifications to fill their roles so what better way to use your experience while learning some new tech and STEM skills along the way.

9. Swim Teacher. Spending weekends, after school and holidays by the pool can’t be too bad.  This job can give you some steady income throughout the year and all you need to do is a weekend course and have your CPR to qualify.

10. Freelance. Technology has opened up a world of opportunities and people will pay good money for your expertise. Perhaps you are a grammar nazi that could be hired for proofreading and editing, or you dabble in photography in your spare time and could help others out with Photoshop. Get on Upwork or Fiverr and sell your skills. You don’t have to be an expert and you could end up make a pretty penny on the side to subsidise those slow weeks of teaching.

11. Sell your stuff.  Sort through your garage, your shed and your cupboards. No doubt you will have something hoarded away, not getting used, that someone else will be willing to pay for. That food processor you never use. That dusty surfboard still waiting for the “perfect” conditions. That expensive outfit that you didn’t end up wearing to the wedding. Sell it all on Gumtree, Ebay or one of those many Facebook Garage sale groups going around. You will sleep a little easier knowing that not only have you helped contribute to the finances, but the feeling of decluttering can be oh, so cleansing!

12. Mystery Shopper. Most of us love shopping, right? Why not get paid for it?! There are plenty of companies out there paying $15-$80 per assignment. If you are frequenting the shops anyway or hanging out online, might be worth your while! There are plenty of companies that offer both in store and online options.

13. Surveys. You look puzzled. Did you know you can actually get paid for doing surveys? If you like giving your opinion then this could be for you. You can sign up for different survey sites then pick and choose what surveys will be worth your time and effort. Sounds like a cushy way to make some cash from home! Here is some interesting information I found- https://www.workhomelife.com.au/make-money-paid-surveys-online/

14. Rent a Room. If you have a spare room it could be worth renting it out to an international student or have people stay through Air BnB. You can pick and choose your availability and make money from your vacant space.

15. Pet Sitting. Had enough of working with kids? Instead, spend some time out with the 4 legged kind. If you are an animal lover, Pet Sitting might be a handy way to make some extra cash on the side whilst getting your animal fix.

16. Win the lotto. Ok, I know you can’t control this one, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it?!

Remember to take off some time for yourself. There is a reason that teachers get so many breaks, they DESERVE them! So if cash is tight, give some of these ideas a go, but be sure to give yourself some downtime too!

Happy holidays!


Need Professional Development hours? Here are 12 low cost (and FREE) places to find some.

Have you gotten to the end of the year and realised you haven’t completed the required hours of Professional Development for your Teacher’s registration? It happens to me EVERY year!

It is much harder as a Supply teacher to get access to PD but it is an important part of teaching in order to keep up our skills. There are some great courses and information out there to help keep us up to date with the changes going on in schools and classrooms and to keep our skills current to ensure we stay employable!

Remember you need to have a balanced selection of PD to cover all the Teaching Standards. 20 hours of “Professional Reading” won’t suffice, unfortunately. You also need to check your state’s requirements as they all differ slightly.

Here are some avenues where you can access free or low-cost Professional Development –

1. Your State’s Teacher Governing Body should have many free online courses available such as Student Protection, Code of Conduct, Behaviour Management etc.

2. Ask schools you are familiar with if you can sit in on their Professional Development meetings or Pupil Free Days.

3. First Aid and CPR is required as part of your registration and helps knock out a few mandatory hours.

4. PD just for CRT is a thing! There are some great sites specifically for our casual teaching role. CRTPD.com has plenty of free face to face courses, webinars and on-demand PD that you can do. Relief teaching.com has online courses plus lots of other resources for Relief Teachers all for $18/Lifetime membership. Relief Teacher Association via Class Cover gives you access to online webinars and courses for $20/course or unlimited access for $89/year.

5. Online videos can be found at Teachingchannel.org  and Teacherstv.com.au where they have an abundance of online video and training resources all for free.

6. Brite.edu.au offers 5 online learning modules to help build resilience in pre-service teachers.

7. Special needs is a great area to cover with some of your PD hours. Positive Partnerships have free workshops, Sue Larkey and Tony Attwood often hold free online workshops, Readings on inclusion in the classroom by Paula Kluth is a great way to get some more knowledge, along with low-cost courses on Autism from iBehavioural Training

8. Diversity is an interesting area to help build your knowledge of intercultural education and understanding in the classroom, especially if you are in an indigenous or multicultural area. You can get up to 6 hours with a certificate through the modules set by Difference Differently.

9. Create-abilities.com offer free webinars on Maths, Literacy and more for practical strategies for in the classroom and you get a certificate at the end.

10. Mindmatters.com.au have free modules on mental health, tackling important issues to help you have the skills to deal with students in the classroom.

11. Professional Reading is ideal for keeping up with the latest teaching trends and also a great way cover the last few hours remaining for your PD requirements.

12. Facebook Groups like this one, specifically advertise upcoming PDs that are usually free or low cost.


Don’t get caught out by not completing your requirements for your Teacher’s Registration.

Happy learning!



Should teachers make mistakes?

I’ve been feeling a little disillusioned by the teaching community of late. Not only have I been personally attacked and had my credibility defamed in social media, I have noticed others being ridiculed by fellow teachers too, for simple spelling and grammatical mistakes.

I am getting a thicker skin when being ridiculed for errors. I have put myself in that position when I published my books and started a business from it so I’m learning to cop the criticism. I am always so thankful when people kindly bring to my attention an error I have made in a blog post, my website or one of my books. I don’t, however, appreciate receiving a demeaning essay about an error nor do I appreciate being slandered on social media and having my credibility as a teacher and author questioned. I especially don’t tolerate people accusing my customers and fellow teachers as “spelling-illiterate” because they didn’t alert me to the mistake.

It was simply that. A mistake!

Yes, I did pay an editor to edit my book. But guess what, they are human. I then sent through the changes to my designer who, you’ll never believe, is human too! No matter how many steps you take, when you are writing books with thousands of words in them, there will still be mistakes. Does it mean the book is any less beneficial? Myself and hundreds of customers don’t seem to think so, but if a spelling mistake is enough to deter you, that is fine, I get it. I’m a teacher which means I have to be an expert in every area of education, right???

To be honest, I’m not as phased by the online trolls as I once was, especially when I have some amazing people having my back. But it was reading other teachers getting torn down and discredited as a professional in their teaching role over a simple spelling or grammatical error that has spurred me to speak out. These negative comments can be more damaging than you would think and can especially knock the confidence of new teachers.

This may be a generalisation but we as teachers are supposed to be caring, kind and supportive in our profession. If some of these people treated their students the way they put down other teachers online, I would be appalled. There is ALWAYS a nice way to point out errors. EVERYBODY makes mistakes. Even these keyboard warriors aren’t immune to the common error.

                         “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.” Theodore Roosevelt.

Spelling a word wrong DOES NOT make you an incompetent teacher. I doubt that ALL teachers out there are experts and aware of EVERY single grammatical rule. Does that make them unworthy to teach? I don’t believe so as there are many other strengths that teachers need to possess rather than perfect spelling and grammar skills.

Teachers have a million things going on in their head at any given time, a mistake on social media of all places does not warrant a public crucifixion. Why are people so quick to pick out the negatives rather than helping out or appreciating the positives? I am urging everyone to think before you criticise. You don’t know their story or what is going on in their life. Perhaps they are dyslexic and have battled to become a teacher. Perhaps it was just their “smart” phone acting not so smart. Let’s just remember to always take the kinder approach in these situations.

You may also like to know that even best-selling authors have mistakes in their work.

I’ll leave you with these…

5 Famous Novels that Have Huge Mistakes

On the error-riddled writing of The Hunger Games



P.S. I’m sure some of you will take pleasure in finding grammatical errors here. Have fun! 😉



Saying “No” to gay marriage

On this day 7 years ago I got married. How lucky am I? Not because I got to marry my best friend and soul mate, nor the fact that after 14 years together we are happier than ever. I am lucky that the body I was born in is white. I am lucky that the vessel that carries me prefers the opposite sex. I am lucky that this vehicle of mine is able in both body and in mind.  I am lucky I have never experienced discrimination or injustice a day in my life due to these small factors.


I naively thought that saying “No” to gay marriage wouldn’t be an option in this day and age. I thought we had grown as a nation to become more accepting of differences and to support equal rights for all. Sure, I knew the religious folk who have been indoctrinated with their close-minded views would not be voting “Yes” on the subject and I suspected people of the older generation might poo-poo the idea too, but recently I have discovered close friends and family not voting “Yes” and this has quite frankly p&$$ed me off!


I’ve heard the arguments from a friend saying “I can’t be bothered as the issue doesn’t motivate me enough to vote. Something like youth suicide is more of a tragedy than gays not getting to wed.” What about the fact that LGBTQI teens and youth have one of the highest rates of suicide attempts. Do you think perhaps open acceptance and equality for LGBTQI might change these statistics? That by voting “Yes” you will actually be saving lives??


Another friend was much more adamant that he was voting “No.” He worriedly said “Gay marriage is bringing too much change to our country. Our country is fine how it is. What else will they try to slip by us if this passes?” What the heck do you think will happen??? Their weddings might upstage ours? That their open-mindedness and acceptance of all people might rub off on us? Pfft!


This same friend is of an ethnic background and immigrated to Australia when he was young. He could be considered a “minority”. If it wasn’t for change and progression he may still be considered a “savage” or a “slave” and not have any rights to vote. If it wasn’t for the open-mindedness and movements of change-makers before us his mother, sisters, wife and daughters would not be educated or given the rights they have today. If it wasn’t for change, his interracial marriage could be frowned upon. Is change really such a bad thing?


Many of these people in my life who are voting “No” are parents. Will they still be OK with their decision if one of their children is LBGTQI and says “Mum, why can’t I marry the person that I love like you did with Dad?” Or perhaps their child is too frightened to confide in them due to thier bigoted views. What if their child became one of the suicide statistics? Would they still be happy with their “No” vote?


Others have said, “Why do they need to get married?”  I say, “Why did YOU need to get married?!” It is a well-known fact that heterosexual couples have already tarnished the sanctity of marriage through adultery, divorce, marrying for visas, marrying for money, marrying for fame. All the LGBTQI community want is the same rights as “us” and to marry for the right reason- LOVE. Who are we to deny anyone this right that we abuse so freely?


We are the LAST developed English-speaking country not allowing same sex couples to marry. To me it is ludicrous we are even having this discussion and that people aren’t seeing what this issue truly is- a fight for EQUAL RIGHTS.


You have a chance to make a difference in the lives of our fellow mankind. Be the change you want to see in the world and vote “YES” for LOVE.


“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” Dalai Lama.










If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

Do you remember the old saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? It seems that online that sentiment goes out the door. I am curious as to why people feel like it’s ok to say negative, nasty and degrading things online? Would you say these things to a person’s face? I would like to think not, yet when armed with a keyboard these “warriors” think it is OK to put other’s down.


In the past week numerous negative things have happened toward things I have posted online. Someone criticised the name of my book and business, I was degraded as a teacher after making a spelling mistake, many, many people went over the top with how terrible it is to have a shark in the water with a stickman surfer and on a public teaching page I was chastised for advertising and someone’s post asking advice about my book was deleted.


I mean no harm to anyone. I am more than happy to support and promote other people that are also helping Relief Teachers. I am merely trying to help and provide a service to Relief Teachers. I am also not perfect. I am human. I can be that person that picks out spelling errors (even on teacher’s work, shock horror!!!) but I would never condemn a person online about it. I’ve had a couple of lovely people notify me privately of my errors and I am always so grateful as yes, I do make mistakes. However, it seems not everyone acts that way and by trying to help others through this business platform it has opened me up to snide comments and negative criticism.
I have had hundreds of positive words and comments said about my work and how much it has helped people. However, it is those handful of horrible remarks that really stick with me. They give me a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, make me not want to log on to my computer or phone and make me doubt what I do.


I’m sure I need to get tougher skin, and hopefully with time that will come. However, I feel this is not OK. These comments are coming from teachers. People that are supposed to be teaching and showing compassion, understanding and kindness. Is this how they treat their students?


I know there are people out there copping it much worse than I am. Our children in particular are dealing with a tough time of cyber bullying and my heart breaks for them. If I, a confident, grown woman can feel so distressed by words that are nowhere near as harsh as what some children and online personalities are dealing with, no wonder we are dealing with an epidemic of mental illness and suicide.


I urge everybody to think before you type, as you would if you were having a conversation with someone. Because those words are aimed at someone behind that computer screen, and yes, words do hurt.